As a Council Member, Caleb championed transparency and accessibility by leading the push to have Council meetings recorded and posted online. He also reduced reserve spending each year.

​​​​Relevant Experience:

  • - Maumelle's first full-time City Attorney
  • - Former Maumelle City Council Member
  • - Former United States Marine
  • - President of the Maumelle Lion's Club
  • - Graduate of the Maumelle Police Department's Citizen's     Police Academy
  • - Graduate of the Maumelle Fire Department's Citizen's         Fire Academy
  • - Certified Municipal Official
  • - Former Staff Attorney with the Arkansas Municipal               League
  • - Graduate of UCA and UALR School of Law

Caleb and Ashley have been married for 10 years. They have two sons: Caleb II, 4 years old, and Joshua, 4 months old. Caleb and Ashley have lived in Maumelle for 9 years.

Ashley is the owner and founder of Ashley's Finds, LLC, the parent company of the Antique Alley Arkansas Antique Show and Bella Rustina Modern Vintage Market. These events take place in central Arkansas throughout the year. Ashley also sends out the weekly Ashley's Finds email newsletter, which informs customers of local estate sales and auctions.

"At the Arkansas Municipal League, I worked with a wide variety of cities all across the state. Arkansas has over 500 cities and we should learn not only from Maumelle's successes and failures, but also those of our neighboring communities."

-Caleb Norris


for Mayor of Maumelle